Managing a team working from home.

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Managing a team working from home.

Managing a team working from home.
We need to understand that there is a clear distinction between those teams that were originally structured as an online office and those that were transferred to working from home in an emergency. What we'll cover in this article will be more for those teams that have just begun to transition to this new mode.


Make sure your team has everything it needs to work. You need convenient hardware and software. It's important that all employees are trained to use them. If not, you'll also have to splurge on additional courses or seminars.


Make a schedule that includes key priorities and activities. Most likely, the team is not used to this mode of work and how much autonomy increases. It may be worth spending some time learning how to manage time effectively.


If you work remotely, one of the most serious factors is how you communicate with each other as a team. The boss needs to know what the subordinates are doing and that they know exactly what they are doing next. If there are any problems, your communication should help to identify them quickly and solve them together.


It is common in many organizations to control people and intervene in the work process very seriously. In fact, you shouldn't do that. It is enough for the boss to understand what his employee is doing and, in all other things, to rely above all on results. If you believe in your employees, you will get the same in return.


If the organization has several teams working separately from each other, give them the opportunity to exist separately from the main team. They should have the tools and their own space to support autonomous work.


Make sure your organization has a good anti-virus, or VPN. Corporate information needs to be protected from third-party intrusions, especially if your organization works with customers who prefer privacy.


You and your team should always be learning something new. To get the most out of remote work, you should always update your knowledge, as there are new trends in the field every month that make your work more productive. Never forget to search the Internet for new online tools, platforms and methods to optimize your work. Learn to manage your time, improve the security of your information, look for opportunities to improve the quality of communication, and so on. 

Working remotely is not what the future holds. Remote work is the present.
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