Creating a system is more important than setting a goal

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Creating a system is more important than setting a goal

Creating a system is more important than setting a goal
Many of us know how and practice creating goals. Setting goals is easier and we like to dream big. But when it comes to achieving those goals, we run into a lot of problems.

The problem is not that you don't set goals well. On the contrary, the failure to achieve success comes down to how we act and what guides us when we want to achieve what we set out to do.

What do I mean when I talk about the system? Think of it as our route and plan of action that you follow every day. It's what helps you reach your goal and get your cherished results.

That doesn't mean you have to give up setting goals for yourself. They are important. Still, goals are the direction you set for yourself. It's the direction in which you want to evolve and move, and not go off course. It's important to think of your goal as a compass. That being said, the system you implement is your weapon. Your bow and arrow and how quickly and effectively you hit depends on it.

By creating your own system and shaping your habits, you put yourself closer to achieving your goals and also set yourself up for success. Let's break down why making the right system is more useful than just setting a goal for yourself.

It sets you up for constant development

Having a great system will set you on a path of continuous improvement.

How? Because doing a set of your habits and a daily routine will give you the ability to stay on track and make progress, not just think about success after you've set a goal. Also, having a system is much more solid, and if necessary, you can always analyze if you don't like something and create something new to better achieve your results.

Systems are different from goals in that they rely on durability and reliability. Systems have no specific reference points and fit almost any goal, as long as you create a universal system. It's an approach that will help you in any area of your life.


Your goal may be to create a successful business, but your system is how you will achieve it. It's what will help you hire the right and qualified people, and keep the accounts. Something that will help you create a quality product and stick to certain rules.

That's why a system is much more important than just being able to set a goal. When you reach a goal and you get your business up and running, then you can forget what made it happen. So you're going to have trouble scaling your goal. Instead, try to add more systematization to your approach so that when you fail, you can analyze and understand where you went wrong. After that, you will immediately know what you should not do in the future. And when you succeed, you will immediately understand exactly what made you succeed and you can even improve your results next time.

Building a team around a system is much easier than around one goal

Big goals are great, but you can't always rally a lot of people around them. With a system, you have the opportunity to prove to people that you have a clear plan of how you want to get to success. If people see that the goal is based on something serious, it is much easier for them to believe in it.

If at all possible, get your colleagues involved in creating such a system with you. Hold a meeting in which you prove that step-by-step goal achievement will help you deal more effectively with all the challenges. It will only increase efficiency in your environment if colleagues know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

As your business gains momentum, new employees will know what they should base their workflow on.

Creative input

"I'm going to make $300,000 this year." That's a great goal, but what's underneath it and how do you realize it? It is important to know what you will be doing.

Get creative when you decide to create a new system. Even if you change what you do just a little bit, the cumulative effect of those changes can make a big difference in your success.

Long-Term Thinking

You worked hard and succeeded. So what now? You have an accomplished goal, but where is your motivation to keep running?

Focusing on the system will enable you to keep going toward success, even after you've already achieved your goal. Because you understand that it's not about what you succeeded once. You have a system in place that will give you the ability to continually evolve.

It's about the fact that sometimes the process can be more important than the result. A good habit will benefit the whole team and you'll have a great incentive to keep doing what you're good at because you'll constantly see good results. This is the example of long-term thinking.

Setting goals helps us win the game, and a system helps us keep that game going.

Staying grounded

The system keeps us doing things because we see what we have already accomplished. We can always be satisfied with our successes, and that only motivates us to do new things.

When your happiness is based on achieving one goal, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to get happiness all the time.

If you create a system, goals will appear on their own and you will achieve them on your own. Your large-scale goals will be achieved sooner or later, thanks to the fact that you succeed in achieving smaller goals along the way.

That is what will keep you moving forward and will constantly motivate you on your way to success in your personal life and business.
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