How to design and build a mobile app? Top tips

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How to design and build a mobile app? Top tips

How to design and build a mobile app? Top tips
A UX designer needs to understand how a user interacts with his service. How well the product helps the user achieve their goal, and how the user feels after working with the app. A UX designer isn't just needed for mobile apps, but he or she is useful in any type of design.

UX design is especially useful when we're talking about mobile apps, because if the app isn't user-friendly enough, the user isn't likely to stay in it for long. The developer has some time for him to be able to attract the person and keep them inside. This time can be increased by proper use of UX design

A UX designer works with a lot of things. They not only need to create the product, but they also need to do some market research, market research, user consultation and document development.

If you plan carefully, you can create a really engaging, useful product that users will enjoy.

Trends in mobile UX design

Before discussing market trends, it's important to understand that there are certain differences between UI design and UX design.

UX design - refers to the experience a user has after interacting with your product. UI design, on the other hand, relates specifically to the look and feel of the interface. These two areas are really quite similar, so if you have a small enough company, then perhaps there is only one designer who has to deal with both UI and UX design.

Maybe we didn't always know what to call it, but it's been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. The first people have always needed to make the use of the isntrument more convenient for others. Because, bartering provides food and shelter. And good barter further increases well-being.

Yes, compared to ancient times, our lives are not at stake. But given how much money, energy, and time is spent on product development, we certainly don't want it all to be ruined by inadequate UX design.

Let's get acquainted with the most key trends in UX design that will definitely stay with us for a while.

Dark Mode

Dark mode isn't really such a new concept, but it hasn't been used too often in mobile app development. Today, more and more apps are working with the ability to enable dark mode. Dark mode helps to consume less power and is less stressful on the user's eyes at night.

While the prevalence of dark mode is only increasing, users are not yet so used to it, but sooner or later they will start to demand it in all applications. That's why you need to take care of it early.

Scroll through

We've been sliding our fingers across the screen for over a decade, and it's usually just side-to-side or up and down motions. Rather oddly, it's only recently that mobile app developers have learned how to properly handle swiping to better and better engage users.

Functional movement and innovation allows the user to become completely engrossed in your app.

Voice interface

Mobile apps are, for the most part, necessary to make a person's life more comfortable. Voice control is one of the most convenient and useful tools of recent times. More and more people are using Amazon Alexa or Google Home to control the smart system of their home.

If you decide to add a voice interface to your application - you are likely to have a significant advantage over your competitors.


We often have to deal with some kind of overly aggressive or active design. In fact, it can easily scare off users who decide to download your app.

A minimalistic interface in light colors reassures the user, yet universally leaves a pleasant impression on almost everyone. Too bright colors are unlikely to appeal to a large number of people.

Design related to content

Google Play and the App Store are incredibly competitive. This means that you need not only a good design, but also the satisfaction of users' desires. It means that the design needs to be content-driven.

This means not only that the design answers all of the user's questions, but also that your content should be of the same aesthetic as your design, and that all text should be readable. The right typeface is sometimes half the success of a design.

Do you want to create something special?

If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, you need a good team with some experience who already have good mobile app development projects. Such a team is more likely to understand all the latest UX design trends, and know how to implement them in the best possible way. Mobile apps are an opportunity to advertise services and products, and attract potential customers.

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